NEWS December 10th, 2017


Burnside among popular councillors in poll

Would win re-election handily if vote held today, according to new research company

Jon Burnside
Shawn Star/Streeter BACK-TO-BACK WINS? Ward 26 councillor Jon Burnside could easily be re-elected, an early poll shows.

Ward 26 councillor Jon Burnside should have little to worry about if he decides to run in the next municipal election, to judge by a poll released Sunday.

Burnside is one of several midtown councillors to score highly on the survey of constituents by the relatively new market research company, The Firm Digital.

He is also the highest rated councillor in East York wards.

Of course, the poll may have to be ingested with a grain of salt, as it was taken nearly a year before the next election, scheduled for October 2018, and it does not take into account any opponents of the incumbents.

The poll asked respondents whether they would vote to re-elect their current councillors.

Burnside scored 51 percent “Yes” votes and 10 percent “No,” with the rest undecided.

Leading the midtown councillors in the survey — in fact, leading all Toronto councillors — is Ward 22’s Josh Matlow. The poll gives him a 68 percent yes score and 13 percent no.

Also riding high in the poll in midtown are Ward 20’s Joe Cressy with 57 percent yes and 12 percent no, Ward 25’s Jaye Robinson with 55 percent yes and 15 percent no; and Ward 21’s Joe Mihevc with 51 percent yes and 26 percent no.

In the rest of East York, Ward 29 councillor Mary Fragedakis received 50 percent yes and 19 percent no, while Ward 31 councillor Janet Davis received 43 percent yes and 34 percent no.

The Firm Digital, based in Aurora, Ont., says it conducted an interactive voice response phone survey of 15,576 people to test the popularity of incumbent Toronto councillors in their respective wards. The poll was carried out Nov. 14–28 and claims a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent, 19 times out of 20.

The same survey also sought views on the mayoralty race. Results released on Dec. 3 showed in a head-to-head contest Mayor John Tory would receive 38.6 percent support versus 32.9 percent for Doug Ford, with 28.4 percent of voters undecided.

Those figures put the mayor’s race quite a bit closer than previous polls have indicated.